I got an email from a reader, who asked me:

“Hi Rob. I love the idea of becoming a digital product creator and selling a product on Clickbank.com, but I have no idea which niche to get into, or what type of problem I could help people to solve. Does your course cover how to search for niches that are in high demand?”

The answer is, definitely! Let me run down a few key things for you to keep in mind…

I teach that in order to create a successful digital product, you should focus on either…

A – Teaching people how to get better at something (that a LOT of people want to learn about), or…

B – Helping people to solve a PROBLEM.

With A, you want to make sure there is a large “existing demand” for the topic you want to teach about in your product.

The first way to find out is to research the Clickbank.com marketplace. Watch my video above, and I’ll take you inside Clickbank to show you how to quickly do this research.

Do you see a bunch of other products on this topic?

What is the “Gravity” score for the top products on this topic?

Remember, the “Gravity” score shows you how many AFFILIATES are actively making sales by promoting those products on Clickbank, and as you will see in the Passive Income Breakthrough course, getting as many affiliates as possible is one of the big keys to you making money & sales.

For maximum passive income, you want to be in a niche where there are lot of Clickbank affiliates who you can reach out to, and who can potentially promote your product.

The second way is to head over to Amazon.com.

Look at how many books are available on the topic you are considering. Get a sense of how popular this topic is on Amazon.

Does it look busy, or is it a “graveyard?”

If there are many books on this topic, with lots of comments from customers, then you can see that this is a topic that is widely searched by a lot of people.

This is a sign that it’s a solid niche.

Now let’s talk about B – Making a product that helps people to solve a problem.

Here’s a big thing to remember:

The more painful or embarrassing the problem, the more people are likely to BUY your product.

A quick personal story:

I started out in the “mens dating” niche – selling digital products for guys who wanted to become more confident and skilled with women.

It’s a solid niche. My good friend Bobby Rio (who contributed to the Passive Income Breakthrough course) built a multi-million dollar business around this topic.

I wasn’t as successful as Bobby at selling products on this topic. But one day I decided to make a new product that addressed a specific “pain point” that a lot of men AND women have, when it comes to dating and relationships:

“How To Get Your Ex Back.”

If you were ever been dumped by someone you loved, and you desperately wanted to get them back, now we’re talking about a very PAINFUL problem.

The kind of pain that keeps people up at night, searching the Internet for answers.

So I created a “How To Get Your Ex Back” product that was for men AND women, and it quickly became my best-selling product ever!

Think about the difference between an offer that promises to show you “how to meet girls”, and an offer about “how to make your ex-girlfriend miss you, want you again, and come crawling back to you and ask you for one more chance…even if she’s dating someone new.”

Think about the EMOTIONS that the person is feeling when they look at those sales pages: a “how to meet girls” product, versus “how to get your ex back.”

It’s like the difference between thinking about seeing your dentist soon, to whiten your teeth and improve your smile…

Versus suffering from a horrible toothache that is causing you nonstop agony that prevents you from sleeping or eating!

Which person do you think is more likely to go see a dentist on Monday morning, even if they’re on a tight budget?

It’s the difference between a “want” and a “need.”

This is often the key difference between products that do “okay,” and products that generate millions of dollars in passive income, year after year.

But you need to do more than just choose a “painful problem” to tackle with your product. You also need to write a sales message that explains this problem, and your solution, effectively.

This is where the art of COPYWRITING comes into play, which we go deep into in Module 4.

When you understand the art of effective copywriting…and how to use written words and emotional language to “push people’s emotional buttons”…you can make people change their feelings from “hmmm, this sounds sort of interesting” to “I absolutely need to buy this thing RIGHT NOW!!”

Anyway, I think you’re going to be blown away when you check out Module 4. It’s like a whole course in itself, and it shows you the tools & techniques to become a master of persuasive copywriting.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for my next email. It’s gonna contain some POWERFUL info that goes above and beyond what you’ll find inside the course.

Let’s make it happen!


P.S. Have you decided on an idea for your product yet?

If you want some feedback on your idea, feel free to post it the Passive Income Breakthrough Facebook group.

We’ll let you know what we think, and you might get some tips on how to refine & improve your idea…so that you can make it a truly “irresistible offer!”

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