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Are You Overlooking This Critical Clickbank Stat?

This week I was asked to send test traffic to a new men’s dating offer from someone outside of the Syndicate – someone who is awesome in a different market (one of the other markets I am in as well), and he now has a VSL and an offer for dating/seduction.

I agreed to send some traffic and give him some feedback.

Without getting into details on the offer itself, one statistic stood out to my partner Jackson Lin and I.

It’s an important metric you may want to pay closer attention to when you review Clickbank stats on one of your own offers, to determine how well your VSL is working compared to the competition:

Hops Per Order Form Impression vs. Order Form Sale Conversion.

Now, interestingly, I also promoted Carlos Xuma’s new “Sexual Sparks” offer this week, so it gave me a good frame of reference here…

Both offers (“Sexual Sparks” and the other one, which I will call “Offer B”) had VSLs with a delayed “add to cart” button. Standard stuff for all of us here…

With “Sexual Sparks,” for every 7 clicks I sent to Carlos’ VSL, one person clicked through to the order form. (Hops Per Order Form Impression: 7)

With Offer B, for every 5 clicks I sent to his VSL, one person clicked through to the order form. (Hops Per Order Form Impression: 5)

That might sound like a good stat for Offer B. 1 out of 5 people watched the VSL for a good long while, and clicked the “add to cart’ button when it dropped, and reached the order form…

But “Sexual Sparks” solidly out-converted Offer B, because of the much more important stat – which is Order Form Sale Conversion:


Sexual Sparks: 14.29%


Offer B: 3.88%


So why did only 3.88% of the people who reached Offer B’s order form decide to NOT complete their purchase?


Well, the Clickbank order form itself might have something to do with it…


Clickbank doesn’t allow you to do a ton of order form customization, but I’ve found that it helps to include some nice graphics, and in those graphics you can show off your product some more, and re-state how it’s “instant access” and how you have a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee…


So that’s one way to get those order form conversions up…


But I believe the TIMING of your button drop is what really matters with this stat. And this is critical to the success of your VSL.


Drop your button too early, and yeah, you’ll get more people who click on it and hit the order form…


But those people are often tire-kickers who are clicking your button out of curiosity, to see what happens next, or to see how much it costs.


The VSL has not sufficiently convinced them to BUY…so they see the price, and realize they need to actually PAY for this thing, and they’d rather go check Facebook, so they leave.


When I sent these stats and observations to the “Offer B” guys, and asked them how they had determined the timing of their button drop, they told me they went along with the advice given in a VSL course from a well-known internet marketing guru.


Apparently, the advice this guy gives is to ALWAYS drop your button at a certain point in the VSL.


This is flat-out bad advice in my opinion.


Are you telling me a VSL targeting people with a debilitating health issue…who need a solution NOW…should be timed and constructed the same way as a VSL for dudes who want to know how to pick up chicks?


Totally different set of emotions, wants, and needs…


And this isn’t taking into account the MASSIVE difference between hot/warm traffic and cold traffic, and how the “right” timing for a button drop can vary dramatically, depending on your traffic source.


So in my opinion, NO, you cannot say “drop your button at exactly 15 minutes” or whatever. That’s BS.




#1 Look at how your Order Form for your VSL is converting for your affiliates. It’s right there in your Clickbank analytics.


#2 Compare how your Order Form is converting for the BEST offers you promote.


If your offer’s Order Form Sale Conversion percentage is a lot lower than the best offers that you are promoting, it could mean:


1 – Your copy is not powerful enough. It may be creating enough curiosity to get them to watch your VSL long enough to click the button when it appears, but they aren’t feeling a white-hot desire to just BUY the damn thing.


(They click on the button, they look at your order form in a semi-bored state, and then go back to Facebook.)


2 –  Your button is dropping too early. Time after time, with all of the VSLs we are putting out, I am surprised by how the longer delays always seem to win during testing.


(I think our record for a button delay is close to 40 minutes, and it destroyed all other variations.)


We have eight new VSLs + offers rolling out shortly, and I expect them all to have button drops beyond the 30 minute mark once our testing are done.


3 – No guru or high-priced course can tell you exactly what will work best for YOUR offer. Their tips can be very helpful, but at the end of the day, testing is the only way to know what works best for YOUR offer.


Testing your copy is first and foremost, but testing that order button drop can be huge. And use all of the stats at your disposal to figure out how to improve your numbers.


The keys to the kingdom lie in those analytics…


Rob Wiser







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