Hey, Rob here. I hope you’ve started checking out the Passive Income Breakthrough course, which shows you how to make unlimited cash by creating your own simple digital product.

This course is JAM PACKED with a ton of value, including thousands of dollars worth of extra bonuses. When I decided to put it together, I went all-out to make sure you have no excuses for failing, and every reason in the world to succeed.

However, there is an “ugly reality” of this business that I want to talk about today…and it’s the #1 reason why people FAIL to get results with the Passive Income Breakthrough course.

Let me illustrate it with a story. Years ago, a famous internet marketing “guru” created a new course to help people make money online.

It wasn’t cheap – I think it was around $500. It consisted of a set of DVDs that got shipped to you in the mail.

So the guru did a huge “product launch,” and sold a ton of copies…only to realize, after the launch, that the DVDs had been sent out BLANK!

The facility in charge of printing up the DVDs and shipping them out had totally screwed it up. Hundreds of customers had spent $500 each to buy the DVDs, and there was nothing on the discs!

But here’s the REALLY messed-up part…

The refund rates for that course were just slightly higher than normal. If the normal refund rate for this guru’s courses was normally around 6%, the refunds for the blank DVDs was maybe 8-9%.

Which means, very few of those customers ever bothered to even look at the product they bought!

This is a reality with so many products, especially products which get you excited about making a change in your life. People start fantasizing about the results they’re going to get, and get excited in the heat of the moment, and fork over their money for the product…

But when it comes to actually USING that home exercise machine, or listening to that whole Tony Robbins audio course, or rolling up their sleeves and applying the information in a course like Passive Income Breakthrough…

They completely FAIL to take action!

They tell themselves, “When I get some free time, I’ll give it a try….”

But then things come up. Life gets busy. The excitement they felt while watching my Passive Income Breakthrough webinar fades, and some other “shiny object” comes along to distract them…

And here’s another ugly FACT:

Most folks who sell “make money online” products couldn’t care less whether you ever read their books or apply their lessons. They’ve already got your money.

They might even PREFER you don’t ever try to use what they teach, because they know their information is crap!

But I’m NOT like those folks, okay? Because I remember how it felt to be in your shoes.

I know how it feels to really want to “crack this code” and learn how to make passive income online.

10 years ago, when I first found out about the potential of making money with simple digital products, I jumped on it like a starving tiger on a steak!

I TRULY wanted to figure this out and learn it, no matter what it took. And I trust you’re one of these people. You are someone who genuinely wants to take action and make this happen.

You didn’t just buy my course on a whim, thinking to yourself “Maybe if I have some free time I’ll give it a look. If not, I’ll just get a refund.”

That is NOT how winners think. You know this.

I also know how frustrating it is, to spend hard-earned money on a product that PROMISES to unlock all of the “closely-guarded secrets,” but turns out to be basic stuff you could have learned for free on YouTube.

That’s why I put so much time, care and effort into constructing the Passive Income Breakthrough course for you.

It’s designed to get you ACTUAL RESULTS, because it’s based on the proven process that I’ve used myself for years, along with other extremely success product creators who are friends and colleagues of mine.

And it’s why, in this email newsletter, I’m going to help you along with some extra coaching and motivation.

So be sure to look out for my email tomorrow. (If you don’t see it, check your other email folders, like “Spam” or “Promotions.” Sometimes my emails might wind up in there, especially if you use Gmail.)

If it does end up in one of those other folders, mark it “not spam” so that my emails always do wind up in your inbox, where they belong.

I promise, this newsletter will be worth your while!

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Talk to you tomorrow!


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