It’s a good thing you discovered the Passive Income Breakthrough course when you did.

Not just because setting up your own online business is the BEST way for people like us to make lots of money and enjoy total freedom…

But also because not long from now, being an online entrepreneur may be the ONLY ways for people like us to make an unlimited income.

The reality is, anyone who THINKS they have “job security” may be in for some very difficult and uncertain times ahead.

More on that in a sec. First, just to recap…

Passive Income means I show you how to set something up once…in this case, a digital product…let it run on autopilot…and you’ll make money without having to put in any more effort (or minimal effort).

Active Income” means you’re trading your time for money. You’re trading your hours for a fixed number of dollars.

You’re showing up every day at a job and exchanging your MOST VALUABLE ASSET…your time…and receiving a certain amount of money in return.

(You’re also devoting your time and effort to help someone ELSE build their business or get richer.)

Jobs are a form of active income. And with a job, you are always expendable.

There is no such thing as “job security” anymore, the way it used to exist for our parents or grandparents…

A few decades ago, you could work at a company for 30 years and retire with a pension and a gold watch, without having to worry about getting laid off due to “cutbacks” or because your job had been outsourced to China.

Then the Internet changed everything.

Today, it doesn’t matter what field you’re in…whether it’s a blue-collar gig, or a computer engineering career.

As long as you are depending on someone ELSE for an income, no job and no career is safe!

When you think of “globalization” and “outsourcing,” you probably think of factory workers who lose their jobs because the factory gets moved to China or Mexico…

But today, most of the jobs being outsourced are NOT blue-collar. Information technology jobs, such as computer systems analysts and software engineers, are vanishing in the USA (and other Western countries) at an alarming rate!

I can tell you, I lived in the Philippines for years and have hired dozens of Filipinos to help with my websites and digital products (which have made me millions of dollars…)

The Filipinos I hire are skilled college graduates and fluent in English. Yet in the Philippines, a typical starting salary for someone with those qualifications is only $700 – $1200 a month.

In the USA, starting salaries for that same position would be around $82,000!

It’s now possible to hire skilled college grads in another country for pennies on the dollar, and manage them using video conferencing and the latest technology.

India, meanwhile, is pumping out almost one million new IT graduates per year and more than a million engineering grads.

I’ve hired “remote workers” in India, too. Their work ethic is INSANE.

I don’t want to bash the American “millenials” too hard, but facts are facts…a young Indian employee is never going to get “triggered” or need a “safe space” if you tell them you need to get shit done right away. They will show up on time every day and work their asses off for a FRACTION of what an American would work for…

And this is why the idea of “job security” in the Western world is disappearing. This trend is only accelerating.

But rather than worry about it, I want you to be excited about your infinite possibilities as an internet entrepreneur.

(And don’t think being an “internet entrepreneur” means you need to be some Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs. I train people every day to become internet entrepreneurs and we don’t CARE about making billions of dollars. We care about making a great, consistent PASSIVE INCOME and living our lives on our own terms.)

The great news is that YOU can start using people from this global labor pool to help you create your digital products, launch your online business, and pump passive income into your pockets.

And when I show you how to make passive income on the internet, I’m helping you do more than just earn some side income while you continue with a “regular job.”

I’m also giving you the ultimate safety net.

Because unlike with a regular job, where you might get a 3% “cost of living” raise each year (which isn’t even enough to cover the rising costs of food, gas and everything else…)

Once you unlock the secrets of passive income…which you’ll discover inside the Passive Income Breakthrough course…you’ll possess the power to set your own income!

Talk soon,


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