Today I want to make sure you understand three terms that are going to be vital to your success.


A lot of people get these terms confused or think they all mean the same thing. But actually, they’re very different.

Let me break down these terms for you…

Your PRODUCT is the actual ebook, course or program that your customers get after they make their purchase.

After they’ve whipped out their credit card and made their purchase, the product is what they wind up downloading.

The OFFER is how you present and “pitch” your product, using smart marketing and copywriting.

And this is really the key thing.

A lot of crappy products make millions of dollars…

Because the offer is crafted in a way that makes it seem irresistible.

Your product might consist of a short ebook and a couple of videos you shoot on your phone. Basic stuff…

But your OFFER, when you use effective copywriting, can make it sound like an exciting kick-ass “system” that covers everything they could possibly want to know – and it includes bonuses and it’s covered by a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

In the Passive Income Breakthrough course, I talk about how you never want to seem like you’re only selling an ebook…

Because in people’s minds, ebooks are supposed to be cheap. They know they can buy Kindle ebooks on Amazon for $3.99 or maybe $12.99, max…

So if you set up a website and say you’ve got an ebook for sale, and you’re charging $47, people are going to scoff it and head back to surfing the internet.

This is why I teach you to package & present your product as a course, program or system. It’s an ebook PLUS other components, like videos, reports, audio recordings, bonuses, etc.

You’ll make it sound like the ULTIMATE SOLUTION to whatever problem they are facing, or the ultimate way to learn what they want to learn.

You’ll mention the “free bonuses” that come with it.

You’ll mention the 60-Day Money Back Guarantee (which is a requirement for Clickbank products) and how their purchase is “risk free.”

This is when it becomes more than just a product. It’s a strong OFFER, and it’s how you justify charging $47, $67, or even more.

Finally, the SALES FUNNEL is a series of steps that you walk your customers through.

A good sales funnel always includes UPSELLS.

Upsells are additional offers that you make to your customer, after they purchase your main product.

The greatest “upsell” of all time comes from McDonalds.

You’re standing at the counter in McDonalds. You order a Big Mac.

Then the cashier asks you, “Would you like fries with that?”

McDonalds sells 9 million pounds of fries every day around the world due to this simple question – which is an upsell.

And they continually take it one step further by asking if you want a drink, or want to make it a larger size.

McDonalds doesn’t make its vast billions from just selling burgers. They make it from the upsells!

Many times, you’ll make a purchase and then get hit with upsells – whether it’s at a fast-food restaurant, or you’re at the dentist and after your teeth cleaning, the dentist suggests that you do a teeth-whitening treatment.

In the Passive Income Breakthrough course, I explain how to craft effective upsells. When your offer is on Clickbank, you are allowed to add several upsells which your customer will be shown after they buy your main product.

With a well-designed Sales Funnel, you can have a customer enter the “top” of your funnel by making a $37 purchase…yet by the time they reach the end of the funnel, they’ve spent $500+!

So now that you understand these three terms—Product, Offer and Sales Funnel—I want you to keep reviewing the modules in the Passive Income Breakthrough course.

Keep in mind, your goal is to create more than just a good product that helps people.

You want to put together a great-sounding overall OFFER, and a strong SALES FUNNEL that can multiply your earnings beyond the initial sale.

Now let’s make it happen!

Rooting for you,

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